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Get a customized digital marketing solution for your business. Ephrata Solutions brings its best resources and skills to every project. Get in touch with us today! We’ll start working on a strategy for your business.

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At Ephrata Solutions, we strive to understand your business’s needs before planning a marketing strategy. We first evaluate and assess your website and online presence to determine your overall performance. Enhancing your business strengths and minimizing your weaknesses is the first step to curating a successful marketing strategy. Our expertise and advice focus on extending your reach and increasing revenue. We bring our A-game to every job and will give your project the care it deserves.

Industries We Serve

We have extensive experience building digital marketing solutions for B2B, Medical Marketing, Law Firms, Home Service Providers, and Retail organizations. If you’re looking for a company to help you overcome marketing challenges, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us!

Industries We Serve

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Stand out from the crowd with a unique brand and corporate identity.

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Create a brand that your audience won’t soon forget. Ephrata Solutions will design a bold brand identity to suit your marketing goals. Our creative team combines stunning visuals and well-crafted content to deliver a memorable corporate identity for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Keep your customers engaged and interested in your business through social media marketing.

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90% of internet users have social media profiles. Ephrata Solutions can help you attract new leads by promoting your business on social media. Interacting with your customers on social media can help build brand loyalty.

Reputation Management

Manage all your customer feedback from one dashboard.

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Responding to reviews is crucial to building positive brand perception. 87% of consumers read reviews of local businesses. A good review can boost sales prospects, while a bad review can sink them. With our reputation management solutions, you can respond to feedback quickly and professionally.


Design a fast, user-friendly website to boost traffic and convert leads.

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Let your customers learn more about your business through your website. Attract your target audience with colorful graphics and witty content. Our experts at Ephrata Solutions can help you design a website that reflects your business goals.


Sell your products online from one location with an optimized e-commerce website.

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Increase conversion rates, traffic, and revenue with an interactive, user-friendly site. Our experts can custom-design a site that suits your preferences. We incorporate SEO-friendly tools and advanced chatbots that alert you of new leads.

Digital Marketing

Increase traffic, sales, and revenue with a budget-friendly digital marketing strategy.

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At Ephrata Solutions, we personalize our digital marketing solutions to your specifications. We work hard to understand the needs of your business and offer solutions that’ll work for you. Maximize returns with Ephrata Solutions.


Appear at the top of the search results with an optimized site.

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The top three search results on Google get 75.1% of all clicks. An SEO-optimized site attracts more web traffic and boosts conversions. Our experts at Ephrata Solutions know how to optimize your site.


Attract customers with accurate business information across listings sites.

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Your customers must know where to find you to do business with you. Do not lose potential leads with incorrect listings. Ephrata Solutions can ensure that your business information is synced across all online directories and platforms.


Build brand awareness with digital promotional campaigns.

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Your audience is online now. Appeal to old and new customers with catchy taglines and jingles. At Ephrata Solutions, our creative experts can help you craft ads that complement your marketing goals and gain better returns on your promotional investments.

Digital Video Marketing

5 Video Marketing Tools At Your Fingertips.
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video!
Make sure it’s YOUR Brand they remember!

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With Ephrata Solutions’ new tools, you’ll get the 5 easy-to-use video tools specifically created for you to have quick success adding video to your marketing. Did we mention… it’s all UNLIMITED & NO VIDEO EDITING NEEDED!

Organic Content Marketing

We will chop up your YouTube videos and/ or Podcasts into “short form” content for existing content creators/ businesses to post on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and Facebook.

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This can really get you more exposure to your YouTube Channel, or Podcast, to increase views and revenue.

Merchant Services

We make payments simple, secure and affordable! Merchant Processing services to cover all of your payment acceptance needs, online and in-store.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a cloud-based software that lets you create and manage content for your market. You can easily update and publish your content from anywhere in the world with our 100% cloud solution.

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Our service gives you more storage, more features, and more control over your digital signage. With our software, you have many features you can perform including:

  • Add your information to your students, staff, or customers. Inform them of current events.
  • Save time and money with Eclipse Mode, which automatically turns off your displays when not in use.
  • Protect your people and property with Emergency Alert, which instantly displays emergency messages on any of your displays. You can customize the messages to show safety information, evacuation routes, emergency updates, and more.
  • Monitor your displays with our Active Monitoring feature, which tracks the system resources and performance of your digital signage. You will receive real-time reports of any issues and solutions to fix them.
  • Account Organizations: You can organize your digital signage accounts into groups and subgroups.
  • And many more..

Collect Video Testimonials

Capture video

Capture video feedback from happy clients! Here at Ephrata Solutions, we make it easy, and professional, and FULLY produce it! So that you can build rapport with new customers, reduce your workload and improve your bottom line with video testimonials from happy customers.

There is nothing more powerful than another person on camera talking about how your product or service made their life better.

Send Video Email

The great Email Inbox Disrupter! Our video email software stands out in a busy inbox. Create up to 3-minute videos that capture attention instantaneously and leave a lasting impression.

We take the first 3 seconds of your video and create an animated GIF with a link to the personalized video you create for customers and prospects.

Add up to 1,500 contacts to your account to create individual groups of 50 to send group video email messages to. You’ll know who opened up each video and how many times they played it and you’ll get an email notifying you the moment they play your video email.

Create Original Branded Videos

This is your go-to “Video-Swiss-Army-Knife” on the platform. It turns any video clip into a professional, fully produced, and branded video in just a few clicks. No Video Editing is Needed!

Quickly create Expert Tip videos, turn a boring text-based FAQ into FAQ Videos, and create About Us/Me videos all with just your smartphone. The limit is your own creativity with this video tool!

Create Story Videos

With our “mini-explainer” video tool you can capture your brand stories now. We take 3 video clips and create one professionally produced video all under one roof! Use this tool for guided Q & requests for Video Testimonials, or robust mini-product explainer videos! Or, whatever you can imagine!

Create Video Messages

Want to add a video to your email marketing and social media direct message campaigns? Well, now you can with our new Video Message tool!

Create your video or upload an existing video. We’ll give you a unique Embed Code you can use in your existing email marketing system and BOOM you’ll have an animated GIF with a play button right in your email marketing.

Or use our patented copy URL link and create video messages for direct social media messages with video, complete with an animated GIF & play button.

Works amazing on all social media platforms, especially in a LinkedIn direct message!

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Video Marketing Made Easy

Video Platform used for Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Distributor Sales, Indirect Sales, Training, Marketing, Advertising, and Corporate Communications Applications

We are a video culture. You need a video strategy to maximize your sales, marketing, advertising, and training efforts. The Video Marketing Center makes it easy for your company to distribute video and collateral along with integrated training quizzes, surveys, polls, the ability to download whitepapers, capture leads, and more. When creating a campaign you get a link, QR code, and Web Code simultaneously to distribute in a multitude of ways.

One platform, multiple uses for direct sales, co-branding with channel sales, training, marketing, advertising, corporate communications, and accelerating e-commerce.

The Video Marketing Center is so efficient, it will save you time and improve your go-to-market strategy!

  • Used for Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Distributor Sales, Indirect Sales, Training, Marketing, Advertising, and Corporate Communications Applications
  • Increase your B2B customers reach with our Channel Partner and Distributor Co-Branding Feature
  • Collect extensive analytics by rep, marketing campaign, and individual video and document across the network
  • At the end of each video, you can add a Micro-Training Quiz, and the ability to download a Whitepaper, Survey, and a Poll. This is fully integrated into the platform, tracked, and included with all subscriptions
  • All subscribers will have their own branded Video Marketing Center to create sales, marketing, advertising, training, and corporate communications campaigns
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